Tabby Cat with Catnip Plant

What is catnip, and how does it effect your cat?

Catnip Plant Since catnip is actually a relative of the marijuana plant (in a far-off manner) the effect can be loosely compared to the high of marijuana. The purpose of giving your cat catnip is for the cat's entertainment and enjoyment of the natural high. Catnip is an herb belonging to the Labiatae family and … Continue reading What is catnip, and how does it effect your cat?

Does My Pet Need a Bed or Blanket?

Dogs and cats (as well as most pets for that matter) can benefit greatly from having their own bed or blanket, and so can you! Here’s how:  It provides a great place to “send” your dog when you need them out from under foot. “Go to your bed” or “go lay down on your blankie” … Continue reading Does My Pet Need a Bed or Blanket?

Homemade Dog Toy

Easy Homemade Dog Toy Using T-Shirts or Fleece

Materials Needed: Three old t-shirts (Be sure you don't want to wear them anymore, as you will be cutting them up!)Pair of sharp scissors Directions: STEP 1: Cut your t-shirts into 3 long strips. This is where you can customize the size of the finished toy. Our pictured toy was created for a 26 pound … Continue reading Easy Homemade Dog Toy Using T-Shirts or Fleece

Homemade Ketchup in a Cup

Delicious Homemade Ketchup Recipe

When I realized how much sugar and corn syrup is now added to commercial ketchups, I became obsessed with figuring out how to make it by scratch. Tried a few recipes out there but was really disappointed in the taste. After some more trial and error, I put our trusty slow cooker to the task … Continue reading Delicious Homemade Ketchup Recipe

Hanging Kitchen Towels with Crocheted Tops

Brand new patterns on our handmade crocheted top hanging kitchen towels have arrived! These beautiful, high-quality towels are printed with fiber reactive dye to ensure the image will stay bright and long-lasting wash after wash. Wine Lover PrintCoffee Lover PrintSunflowers PrintPoppies PrintOwls PrintPeppers PrintLemons Print The crocheted button loop top allows for ease of hanging … Continue reading Hanging Kitchen Towels with Crocheted Tops

White mushroom growing in the grass.

Cool Mushroom Pictures

A couple of years ago we must've had the perfect mushroom growing weather because I found some of the coolest looking mushrooms that I had ever seen on our property. I just completely geeked-out and started snapping pictures every time I saw one. Every day, I would run out with my camera to go hunting … Continue reading Cool Mushroom Pictures

Cute Free Crochet Patterns for Cats

Vintage Crochet Cat Couch This free cat couch pattern is just so cute and creative. Bonus points for looking like the couch on the Roseanne show, in all of its tacky gloriousness! Let me know if you make one and please add a picture of your cat using it. You might actually make my whole … Continue reading Cute Free Crochet Patterns for Cats

Bean Sprouts Growing

How To Grow Your Own Bean Sprouts

Growing your own bean sprouts is so easy that the hardest part may be sourcing the actual sprouting seeds! The Sprout House has been a reliable source of fresh seeds for us in the past. Johnny’s Selected Seeds does carry them but unfortunately, as of this writing, they are only taking commercial orders. Currently … Continue reading How To Grow Your Own Bean Sprouts

Best Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe

This recipe is fantastic for anyone wanting to make their own mayonnaise but it's especially nice if you have chickens and a lot of eggs you need to do something with! We can relate to that. When the girls are laying, it's really hard to keep up, and keep using them up. We have been … Continue reading Best Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe